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instant shopping power
Get an instant decision for a lease line that will allow you to lease merchandise with a cash price up to $4,000.
an alternative to credit
You can get the things you want for your home without using credit or increasing your debt.
easy payment options
Make flexible payment that are conveniently scheduled with your payday.

What is Acima Credit?

Requirements for Acima Credit

Let’s say that you’re looking to get something that you need today- or even just something you want-but you’re about being turned down because you’re short on cash and not confident in your credit score.

Well, how about we change that? A simple, no credit needed alternative to traditional financing. Here’s how it Works…

Step by Step How it works

1. Simply ask the store representative or visit to find a participating retailer near you or to apply online. Decohub is one of Acima's trusted partners.

2. We’ll ask you to fill out a short application. And then you’ll receive an instant decision with no credit needed. And that’s it.

3. You’re ready to shop at any one of our thousands of retailers nationwide for furniture, home appliances and home goods…

4. All you need to apply is at least $1000 deposited in checking each month, the same source of income for 3 months and a checking account in good standing. Once you find the merchandise you want, you can take it home today or schedule it for delivery with low-to-no initial payment. Acima will set up a series of easy renewal payments that are designed to fit your needs and your schedule…We’ll even match your renewal payments with your pay dates.

5. Plus, you are always encouraged to purchase early and save! You can purchase within 90 days and pay only the Acima cash price and a low purchase fee, where applicable. Or you can purchase early, any time after 90 days, and receive a discount on your remaining total lease amount. And here’s the best part..Acima reports your payment history to Experian.

You are ready to check out!

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