About Beko

As an official dealer of Beko appliances, we bring to you the legacy of a brand that originated in 1955, during a time when household white goods were just gaining prominence. Since then, Beko has emerged as Europe's preferred freestanding home appliance brand, embodying reliability and innovation.

In the span of more than four years, we've proudly represented Beko in the US market, providing cutting-edge appliances designed to elevate your lifestyle. Our commitment lies in innovating products that not only enhance convenience but also prioritize the well-being of our customers. Whether it's about preserving food freshness or integrating stunning designs with quality, Beko appliances are crafted to meet your needs.

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around empowering individuals and families to lead healthier lives. We are dedicated to creating appliances that promote a balanced lifestyle, from kitchen gadgets that retain nutrients to refrigerators that extend the shelf life of your groceries. By saving time and effort in household tasks, our appliances allow you to invest that valuable time in yourself and your loved ones.

Furthermore, our dedication to health extends beyond our products. Beko USA has cultivated partnerships with globally renowned organizations such as FC Barcelona and Unicef. These collaborations grant us exclusive knowledge and resources to advocate for and inspire children and parents to embrace healthier choices.

As a subsidiary of Beko, we take pride in our team of over 100 professionals and our extensive dealer network, ensuring a strong nationwide presence.

It's an honor for Beko USA to have received the prestigious 2021 ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award for the third consecutive year. We take pride in being the first home appliance brand to be consistently recognized by the EPA for our commitment to excellence in America. This accolade reinforces our dedication to delivering energy-efficient solutions while maintaining superior performance standards across our product range.