Suggestions For Tiny Bathrooms

How about turning your tiny little bathroom into a useful and stylish space? Small bathrooms, which especially women do not like, can be more functional and practical than it is thought and can even appear larger with small touches. But, you have to consider many important points before arranging this area.

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Remember that a small bathroom, if organized properly , seems more functional and comfortable than a large wrongly organized one. Our products at The DecoHub Home Outlet Store can help you  with this as well. And here are some tips that will save your space and help you use the bathroom more effectively: 


  • Color and lighting

These are two different main elements that make a bathroom look beautiful and spacious. Firstly, it would be better to choose light and fresh tones such as yellow, beige or white instead of dark colors like black and navy blue. So, your bathroom will look more spacious and peaceful. Besides, you can prefer these light and fresh tones on ceramic coated surfaces. When it comes to lighting, bright environment will make the interior wider. So, you should avoid the dim lighting.


  • Mirrors

If you choose the mirror among the large models, you can get a more spacious bathroom. Also, it can reflect more light in the room and provide a brighter atmosphere.


  • The tiles

By choosing light-colored and eye-catching tiles on the walls, you can make this small area look wider than it is. In addition, you can create the illusion of ceiling height if you use the tiles in favor of thin and long rectangular ones.


  • The sink counter

You should choose a longer-designed counter to create a substantial amount of extra space.

We hope that the ideas that we share above will inspire you. If you want a bathroom in "modern" style,  we recommend you to visit The DecoHub Home Outlet Store in Dallas .