Some Decoration Trends For Summer

In a view 2020 was like a nightmare for the entire world and we all fell on hard times. As you know, all the people in the world needed to struggle with covid-19 pandemic which has changed our lives drastically. One of the biggest impacts of it was on our social life. We had to stay isolated in our homes for a long time, but the life had to somehow continue. That made considerable amount of people keep working at home. This working style wasn’t invented with the coronavirus of course, but it wasn’t as widespread as after pandemic broke out. Actually this restrictions itself brought about the trend of Home Office. A lot of people tried to create a working corner in a part of the house. Like accessories, colors and wallpapers; minor changes that can breathe a new life into our living rooms were brought into the forefront instead of substantial alterations.

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In 2020, there was no possibility to attend a concert or throw a party because of the pandemic conditions. We mostly spent our time in our living rooms, so it is not hard to guess that maybe most of us quite get rid of the same layout. And that forced us to make way for some changes. Well, what kind of arrangements are on trends for living rooms in 2021? Let’s look at some suggestions for them and you can also visit The DecoHub Home Outlet Store!

Experts think that in these isolation days people have spent their time away from the nature too. So using natural colors, textures or materials for designing and as ornaments is the proper one and will remind us the nature. For example, vases made from clay can be chosen for your seasonal flowers or leaves. Hand knotted carpets which bring the warmth and comfort in your rooms will dress up the floor nicely. Besides, you can select hand made pillows and frames as well. Bowls and trinkets made from natural stones will suit on coffee tables or dining tables.

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To them, pictures or illustrations decorating a wall will be popular also. You can form a photo gallery on your wall to exhibit your travel pictures or to create an artistic influence. You can even use your children’s pictures on the wall. As this can encourage them to draw pictures on their art papers rather than painting the walls, your home’s walls will stay clean and unscratched!

In addition, functional furniture and decorative items are on trend also. People have been prefering the comfort and inhabitability in their limited living spaces lately. As the living rooms became the most commonly used place in the houses, people don’t want to be restricted or hampered by some items. Instead, people need some soft stuff such as plushes, fluffy pillows and cushions which are highly preferable with their relaxing effects.You can find these kind of items at The DecoHub Home Outlet Store! You can also complete this atmosfere with a fireplace which is also believed to be popular again.