Pull-Out Faucets: Pros-Cons

How about getting to know Pull-Out Faucets, one of the most popular fixtures in more detail? 

Most commonly preferred in kitchens, Pull-Out Faucets are generally considered to be similar to pull-down faucets. However, they have a few distinguishing features. 

What is a Pull-Out Faucet? 

Pull-out faucets have a spray head that can be pulled directly out of the faucet body. Unlike pull-down faucets, Pull-out heads which include a much longer hose provide a much wider range of motion. In this way, you can reach not only every corner of your sink but far beyond. For example, these fixtures allow you to fill pots on countertops or spritz down salad greens in the colander, and more! Pull-out faucets can be mounted both top and under the kitchen sink. 

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These faucets which are appropriate for especially small sinks as they save space have some benefits to make your work more flexible and easier: 


1- Extra reach 

Pull-out models with their spouts having about eight-inch reach give a chance to use far beyond the sink. You take the hose wherever you want! Moreover, some faucets have a 360-degree spout swivel and they offer practicality more. 

2 -Water Flow Control 

Pull-Outs allows you to control the water flow and also avoid excessive splashing of water because of the ample room that exists between the tap head and the hollow of the sink. 

3- Durability and Eco-Friendly Materials 

Pull-out faucets do not stand the chance of spoiling easily. They are long-lasting and effective. On the other hand, the materials that are used to produce pull-out faucets are free from cadmium and other harmful materials that may get into food substances. 

There are a few drawbacks too. The handle grip may not offer a good feeling for users with large hands. Besides, Using both hands while washing may be less efficient for rinsing. 


There is a great variety of Faucet types and styles on the market. Shop an appropriate one for your needs and tastes from  The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet’s collection and start enjoying the many benefits of a pull-out faucet! 

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