Official Dealer of NortPoint Cabinetry

As The DecoHub Home Outlet Store, we aim to offer a great range of production diversity to our costumers. Within this purpose we want to proclaim that NortPoint Cabinetry productions are now with us at The DecoHub Home Outlet Store in Dallas, Texas. We are now the official dealer of the NortPoint. 


The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet - Official Dealer of NortPoint Cabinetry

NortPoint Hardware Resources is available with its fabulous designs and quite easy assembly style. As cabinets are expected to satisfy the daily usage, the quality of the materials which are used in the productions is one of its priority. To achieve it, the third party elements are tested thoroughly and carefully as well as its ready to use shape. Its cabinets are not only seem robust with its appearances but also they are strategically reinforced inside.

Making well-constructed, durable productions doesn’t hinder the usage of its inside area. Intelligently placed reinforcement elements will give its users a long-term using chance.

The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet,North Point Cabinetry


Besides being robust, the interior part contributes to its appearance with its luxurious and crafted production. Using innovative construction styles without ignoring the robustness, it is promising to spare you more space than you can imagine.


The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet - Official Dealer of NortPoint Cabinetry

To satisfy your cabinet needs for various parts of your house or office, North Point Cabinetry features with its huge diversity over 2000 options. You can discover its further vast alluring details at our store. We will be glad to welcome you at The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet in Dallas, Texas.


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