Modern Decoration Ideas

Modern decoration reflects simplicity in every item, including furniture. Lines in modern furniture should be sharp-edged and geometric.

The simple geometric forms used in modern designs give the person a relaxing and calming feeling. If you like simple and stylish furniture with smooth lines, the modern decoration style reflects you.

Another of the most important rules for modern decoration is to hide everything possible. Although you stay away from unnecessary items and accessories, there is definitely a crowd of items originating from necessity in every house.

Here, we can say that it is the art of keeping some junk for modern decoration. 
It's true that modernism loves technology, but that shouldn't mean displaying them. For modern decoration, you should hide your electronic devices and other belongings in closed cabinets or in a small storage room.

Also, try to keep open shelves to a minimum and not use pretentious handles on cabinets and drawers.

Neutral colors and tones of black and white are generally used in modern style decoration. Primary colors (yellow, red, blue) can be added to break the monotony of neutral colors.

Vibrant colors add energy to the space and create focal points. However, these colors should be used sparingly, never on large areas such as walls. In modern decoration, you can use a vibrant color on pillows, carpet, a single piece of furniture and accessories.

In DecoHub Home Outlet Store, there are extremely modern designs for lighting as well as other elements of decoration. If you are thinking of decorating in a modern style, do not forget to include modern lighting designs, each of which is a work of art.

Abstract, minimalist and sculptural, these lightings are ideal for adding a sophisticated and luxurious touch to the setting. LED and spot lighting elements placed in niches in the wall, behind the panel or in the wall corners are among the modern lighting options. With this lighting model, which is usually in warm colors and low-level, you can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your living room in the evening.