Lighting In Home Decoration-1

If you want to achieve a perfect and appropriate appearance, the importance of lighting in the decoration you will apply for your home is too great to be underestimated. The more accurately a lighting system works, the more functional it will be. Lighting elements not only affect the success and normal life of the person, but also change the atmosphere and quality of the space.
Using wrong lighting or incomplete lighting in decoration can often cause many health problems such as eye health and headaches. For this reason, choosing the right lighting will help both to create a different ambiance in home decoration and to create a healthy environment.

First of all, the need for light and usage of the room should be determined for correct lighting. It should also be noted that the positioning of the light is important to minimize ineffective lighting. The light should be positioned from top to bottom. At the same time, care should be taken that the light does not directly catch the eye. Mirrored lighting or accessories can cause eye strain. Especially in areas such as the study room, it should be preferred very little in order not to be distracted and not cause fatigue.

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Lighting is basically divided into 3: Ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting.

  • Ambient lighting is adjusted to be sufficient for the entire area and again according to the physical conditions of the room. Since this type of lighting is used very frequently and for a long time, lighting fixed to the ceiling or large energy saving bulbs can be used. The choice of bulb color and model can be preferred completely depending on your home decoration. DecoHub Home Outlet Store has different options in this regard.
  • Accent lighting is mostly used to highlight various accessories such as TV units, walls, niches, paintings and mirrors. In various decorations; It is known that it is also used to create a different and interesting atmosphere on stairs and cabinets.
  • Task lighting; It is designed and used to make your work easier while cooking, reading a book or browsing the drawers or cabinet compartments that you cannot see in the evening. Pendant lamps, reading lamps, lampshades, dressing table lamps, counter lamps, bathroom cabinet lamps, LED lights and table lamps are classified within this type of lighting.