How To Decorate Your Kitchen Counter?

When it comes to decoration, mostly people think that decoration consists of beautifying the image. Rather than pleasure, it is sometimes made for needs and practicality in the areas like bathroom and kitchen.

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To have a kitchen that is both functional and pleasant, the kitchen counter should satisfy your demands firstly. However, there are some useful points that you should pay attention to before deciding your countertop decoration. So, how to make decoration of the counter without losing precious space?

  • Get things off the counter

Try to get every unnecessary items off the counter. Also, you can make use of racks and risers to elevate existing canisters, utensil holders and dishes in addition to pantry or cabinets.

  • Keep essentials at hand over the stove

A simple rack right over the stove that keeps essentials like salt, pepper, measuring cups and oil is a goldmine of storage.

  • Put things on the walls

Use the walls for a magnetic storage rack that holds things from tea towel to measuring spoons.

  • Store things how you like

Use some pretty canisters. When the pieces like a dish rack or knife block are color-coordinated and more design-forward, your counter will be tidier.

  • Style with plants

There is no doubt that plants provide a stylish view and some fresh air for any corner of your house. Try situating a plant on top of a lesser-used canister or on a cabinet with a hook in your kitchen.

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