How do you organize a bookcase?

The ones who work in their homes! Or, The ones who have a video meeting in their study rooms! 

Today's blog is especially for you! 

The concept of the home office can make you a bit uneasy in some cases with the increase of Zoom Meetings. For example, you may not have any ideas about what to do while the audience is scanning your study room during a video meeting! 

Let's start with one of the most noticeable pieces during a video meeting and make you more comfortable and confident: 

Bookcases: How do you decorate them to create a stylish and uncluttered look? 

As The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet, we have shared some tips with you to get a tidy look: 

1-      First, Heavier Items 

To create a more versatile effect and make the shelves more durable and safer, make sure that you place any heavier items such as art books, and storage boxes on the bottom shelves while any lighter objects such as paperbacks or trinkets should be placed on the top. 



2-     Organize the books 

Before decorating the bookcase, you should sort through the books. It will be a great idea to purge or donate any books that are no longer needed. You should eliminate the excess and avoid the clutter. Thus, you can get a chance for a fresh start with only books that you wish to own. 




3-     Don’t be afraid to Stack 

You can gather your books together and fit more on the shelf! at this point, stacking them will be a practical idea. Also, you can place even a picture frame on the top of the stacks. 

4-     Combine your books with other decorative objects 

You can mix books with objects such as lights, vases, trinkets, or even artwork. However; it is significant to create a balance. 


5-      Empty spaces are important 

You don’t need to fill every inch with something. All of us need a breath and so do our bookcases. You can consider these spaces as a breathe. 


For an adaptive and fresh start in your study room visit The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet in Dallas and Pick the most appropriate bookcase for your needs and decoration style. There is a wide range of home decoration products in our store.   




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