Eclectic Home Decoration

The eclectic style, which you will create by taking your favorite points from each decoration style, is a decoration style that can completely reflect you! It is an ideal choice for those who want to stay away from the strict rules of known trends while maintaining their own style.

Eclectic entered the field of interior design as a form of rejection of rules and laws, it is an attempt to combine self-realization, freedom of expression, comfortable and interesting. It can be easily said that although the rate of hearing of this type of decoration is low, its application rate is quite high, because the eclectic style means unlimited freedom to be used by considering the harmony of colors and shapes.

The eclectic decoration style is based on the balance and harmony of different colors, patterns, parts, textures and even components from different periods. In this style, you can create color combinations to suit your personal taste by using your own creativity. However, it is important to remember that there is a fine line between a well-designed eclectic space and a randomly furnished chaotic space.

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If you want to build an eclectic house, you do not have to comply with a certain period or a certain style in decoration. By observing the color balance, you can combine modern pieces with your vintage items as you wish. The interiors of eclectic-style apartments look harmonious thanks to the use of different styles of furniture. The main requirements put forward by the eclectic style: furniture should be functional, comfortable and beautiful. DecoHub Home Outlet Store also offers ideas on this subject. The correct placement of the items, the distance between the seats, the accessories having the same dimensions, even if they are different, are important in an eclectic style. As you will embrace different colors in your home while applying the eclectic style, choose light colors on the walls and flooring. Plain and simple backgrounds and floors help you have more freedom in item selection and balance between colors.

Although it may seem easy to apply an eclectic style in decoration, it is actually not so because you have to maintain a balance for your home to be stylish.