Autumn Home Decoration

Autumn, which is a transition period, is a period when everything slows down and intensifies, contrary to the dynamism of spring.

Preparations for winter, work tempo and the weather brought by the season affect people. At this point, making your home a peaceful place may be the best way to welcome autumn.

The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet Autumn Home Decoration

Decoration for autumn; It consists of unchanging colors such as brown, green, orange and objects that evoke nature. Of course, the color of light used in lighting should also be an integral part of the decoration.

Make sure to use yellow light in the Autumn decoration of your home. Yellow light, which has a relaxing effect, is the lighting color that should be preferred by people who want to be in a positive mood.


The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet Autumn Home Decoration

For a period of stagnation rather than liveliness, the lighting recommended in home decoration is for dim and sunlight lighting. In other words, yellow / daylight lighting that is not in the center of the room, from a single corner or along the wall will be effective for you to experience the autumn atmosphere in your home.

You can also choose candles in multiple different colors, scents and sizes to provide a stylish and pleasant environment, although they are less illuminated than an electric system.The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet helps you with lighting suggestions.

The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet Autumn Home Decoration

If you want to use the gray color for home decoration in the autumn season, you can choose warm gray close to taupe or gray tones of green, blue and purple. In addition, you can easily use these tones with almost any accessory.

If you want to create a warm atmosphere, mink or dried rose colors will also be suitable for you. The colors of the season are not limited to these tones, of course. You can use the tones you want by mixing different colors that you are inspired by.


The Decohub Home and Garden Outlet Autumn Home Decoration

Autumn colors are colors that allow simple and harmonious combinations. The colors and items you will use for autumn decoration can provide you with an elegance that will last all four seasons. Dark furniture and curtains, which you will combine with light-colored floors and walls, can be used throughout the year.

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