Are All Faucets Different Only by Model?

As in every product, there are various goods released by many brands in faucet models. Faucets, usually seen as the finishing touches in bathrooms and kitchens to be redecorated, are of great importance not only with their aesthetic appearance but also with their ease of use.

At Decohub Home Outlet, let's talk about faucet types, as you can access useful faucets suitable for thousands of needs. Generally speaking, there are four types of faucets: “ball”, “cartridge”, “compression” and “disc” as well as “single-handled”, “double-handled” and “collapsible” types. Thanks to these fixtures, you can make the designs of bathroom or kitchen faucets a stylish detail of your home in accordance with your sense of aesthetics.

Ball faucets have a single handle to control the flow and temperature of the water; however, these faucets have spring rubber gaskets that can dry out over time and cause leaks.

Disc faucets, another common model, have ceramic disc faucets. The use of these armatures with the handle positioned from the side makes the kitchen or bathroom have a more modern and aesthetic appearance.

While the two discs on the faucet control the flow, the temperature is adjusted by moving the arm side to side. Compared to ball taps, ceramic disc taps are more reliable and more resistant to leaks.

Another model of compression faucet is also known as “pressure faucet”. These taps have this name because they form a seal to prevent water flow when closed. In the open state, the pressure must rise by one unit to break the seal and allow water to flow.

Despite being the oldest, pressure faucet types are found in the most common models, owing their popularity to cost-effectiveness. Though they have a higher tendency to wear out and thus carry a higher risk of leaking over time, they are easily repaired.

Finally, “cartridge faucets” have double handles, but are similar to compression faucets. However, cartridge faucets operate more smoothly than compression faucets and do not require extra pressure to close.

In cartridge faucets, there is a cartridge that closes the base of the faucet. It is a type of faucet that is easy to repair and less sensitive to leaks. While examining our faucet models in Decohub Home Outlet, you can easily decide the model that will be most suitable for your use with this information.

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