An Idea for DIY Christmas Gift: A concrete hand-looking pot

Plants have a superpower to create a peaceful environment to the place they are in. If you wan to share this feeling of peace with your loved ones, you can give them a succulent in a concrete flower pot that you will make with your own hands as a Christmas gift. Here are all details for an impressive flower pot:

Materials: -Cement, -disposable gloves, -soil, -succulent, -ribbon, -groin, -mixing bowl, -jar, -paper sander, -scissors and utility knife

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How is it done?

  • Put the cement into the mixing bowl and prepare the mortar
  • Attach the elastics of the glove to the jar. At this stage, be careful that the glove should be into the jar.
  • Put the mortar that you have just prepared into the glove with the help of a spooon.
  • Remove the glove from the jar gently, then remove the air inside. Finally, tie the glove.
  • The shape the cement, put the glove that includes mortar on the jar (like an open hand) and tie it with a ribbon so as not to distort the shape of the cement.
  • After the cement dries, take the object that you created, then cut the gloves on it with the scissors
  • Apply sanding to provide much smoother shape
  • Repeat all these steps one more and prepare another hand that is created with mortar.
  • Join the two hands with the help of the cement on their sides and now, you have two open palms side by side.
  • After the junction has dried, pour soil into the palm and place succulents. By the way, did you know that you can easily reproduce succulent at home?

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