5 Suggestions for the Decoration of the Narrow Corridor

1. Light-colored walls

Light-colored walls will be the right choice to make narrow and dark corridors look more spacious and fresh. White and undertones of white will be suitable options. If different colors are to be used, the walls should be divided into sections and light tones should be included.


2. Choosing the Right Furniture

The selection of furniture in narrow corridors is significant. Functional and minimal furniture that will not prevent the transition should be preferred. Shoe cabinet, hanger, bench, dresser or cloakroom are among the furniture types that can be used in the narrow corridor. Especially if there is a storage purpose, cabinets with sliding doors or without any doors can be designed. Cabinet selections can be along the entire wall up to the ceiling.


3. Carpet Selection

In narrow and long corridors, a single piece of carpet can be used inside15 to 20 cm from the walls, but if the corridor is too long, the carpets can be placed in 2 or 3 pieces.

4. Use of Full-Length Mirror

Mirrors are indispensable parts of narrow spaces. The use of a full-length mirror in the corridor will make the corridor appear wider than it is, as it reflects the existing light inside and gives depth.

5. Enough Lighting

Corridors are generally areas, which do not include daylight. Therefore, Extra lighting options may be needed. Ceiling lightings such as spot, led, pendant; wall lightings such as apliques, led or floor lighting can be preferred. You can examine the lighting options for all parts of the house in The DecoHub Home Outlet Store.

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